vlasic in summer

The overwhelming mountain Vlašić attracts a large number of tourists with the beauty of its nature and greenery throughout the year.

To enlarge the offer for tourists, hotel owners have provided the possiblity to hire the quads for adrenaline lovers. Additionally, tourists might go hiking or walking in the most beautiful areas of Vlašić. This way you get the opportunity to visit pristine parts of nature such as the beautiful river Ugar and its wellspring, Kraljica, considered one the most beautiful parts of Vlašić together with the top of the mountain Vlašić called Paljenik, located at an altitude of 1943m. By visiting the „katuni“, small houses with a long tradition, you will see where Vlašić cheese is being produced for years togther with other domestic products by which Vlašić is widely known.

Vlašić is also a favorite place for sport athletes thanks to the sport center currently positioned at the highest altitude in BiH. This enables sportsmen to join and enjoy the training on the fresh air.